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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nathan Scott Wegner

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to post some pics of my little nephew, Nathan. :) 

Ryan with his little son :)

Katie and Nathan

Aunt Sarah 

Aunt Amy 

New Opa (Grandpa) :D haha

Aunt Katie 

Uncle Kevin 

Uncle Jason

Rachel and Ryan. :)

Nana and Opa 
(might change the names... haven't quite decided what they want)

Uncle Justin :D

Trying to keep the little uncle and aunt away from their nephew's balloons. :D lol

Nathan Scott

Ryan showing baby to Justin

That's all I have for right now, but I'm going to get R&R's pics from their camera when we see them next. They have better pictures of Nathan. And we didn't get a picture of Rachel holding Nathan. :( 

In Christ,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Here you go, girlie! 

It's a really lame hill, so don't think that this is how we usually ski. Dad took some movies of us... maybe I'll be able to get those. We'll see. 

Love ya!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Justin Boy!

Well, Justin's croup is much better than it was. Now, it's more just a cold with a really runny nose. I feel bad for the poor baby, because he doesn't know how to breathe through his mouth when his nose is stuffed up. He's having trouble getting that whole thing down. I think he's beginning to get the hang of it. :) No one else in the family has it yet, Praise God! We thought Jason was coming down with it, but he hasn't coughed anymore. :) Lisa hasn't shown any signs of getting it. I pray that everyone else stays well, especially Lisa! I don't want to have to go through what we had to go through with Justin. I guess we know what to do now, and we know what it is. The doctor said if the baby seems to have trouble breathing (like, it sounds like they are really laboring...) take them outside into the cold air. She said that really helps clear their lungs and throat. We had been steaming up the bathroom and taking Justin in there, which seemed to help a little, but she said it would be much better to take them outside. Obviously, you are supposed to bundle them up. :P I'm hoping Justin won't have any real trouble breathing, partially because he won't like having to be bundled up just to sit outside when he tired, and wants to sleep; and partially because I just don't want him to have that annoyance!

We would really appreciate prayers specifically for Justin and Lisa. Justin, that he will be completely over this soon, and Lisa that she won't get it. And that the rest of us don't get it! :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

Been a long time!


Wow! It's been a really long time since I posted! Sorry! I'm really going to try to keep it up better, even if it's just a small post. :) 

Well, what's happening in the Wegner family? Well, as a lot of you already know, Ryan and Rachel are expecting a baby sometime in March. I'm going to be an Aunt! :D haha Rachel's about 21 weeks (I think... she's close to 22 weeks... or is it 23... I forget exactly.  She's either 21, almost 22, or 22 almost 23.), and everything is going really well so far. Can't wait for the baby to be born though! 

Everyone here has been doing really well until yesterday, when Justin came down with the croup. It was a little scary, but he's doing better now. The doctor gave him a shot that helped clear his airways up. He should be completely better by about... Tuesday? Poor Jason just started coughing about an hour ago, so we won't be over it for a little while longer. :( He should be fine, thankfully, just a bad cough for about 5 days (the doctor said). It's Lisa that we are really worried about. It's very contagious, and even though it's usually not serious in older people, in babies it can be really serious. If you could all be praying for us, the babies in particular. 

But really, other than this sickness, we're all doing very well. God has blessed us with very good health for the most part this whole year.

 Justin is talking a lot now, and he's pretty stinkerish with his words sometimes. When you don't give him something that he wants, he says, "Oh, come on!" and then stamps his feet on the floor and throws a little tantrum. He's a handful, but such a joy.Lisa is almost walking, (which is great, but it's sad too! She's getting so big! I'm going to have to post some pictures when I get a chance!). She is getting quite the little personality. She's so funny! She's beginning to get into things... a lot. :P And when you find her at it, she turns and crawls the other way as fast as she can. It's the cutest and funniest thing. She knows she's not supposed to do it, and she knows she'll get scolded (then picked up and loved because she's so cute about it! lol)

Kevin is working with Dad now. Well, not with Dad, but at the place that Dad works. :D He (as far as I know!) is enjoying having a job again. He's been working there for awhile now... I forget how long. It's really convenient though, since they only have to take one car! Saves on gas!

All the rest of us are doing school, chores, playing, reading, cooking... just the normal stuff.

I'll try to get some pictures of everyone soon... Last time I posted of Lisa, she was a little baby!

In Christ,

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding pictures #2

Here are some more wedding pictures. Sorry... I didn't do it yesterday, but we've been really busy. Some of them are blurry, but I didn't have any others.

My handsome bro :) also the Best Man

The Bridesmaids

Pouring the sand

The Kiss!!! ( that's my handsome daddy in the background :P )

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Wegner

Omi and Justin

Me and Uncle Brian

Hannah and Levi

Charity and Kevin

Rachel and Ryan!

The Groomsman did a little song with Levi on the accordion and all the rest on kazoos

The Cake (made by Rachel's grandmother)

Dad and Mom... :)

And that's all I have. Hope you all enjoyed them. :)

In Christ,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finally... Wedding Pictures #1

Finally! Sorry it took so long... but I didn't have any pictures at all, and I had to get these from my dad's family. It took awhile, but here they are!

Before the ceremony...

These are all taken before the ceremony...

My cousin, Kimberly, with Lisa-girl

The Groom! and Dad's dad (Opa)

Dad's Mom (Omi) and Lisa

Dad and Justin, and dad's bro, Uncle Mike

Mrs. Heyworth and Mom pouring the sand

These are in order of how we walked down ( they missed Victoria and Abigail, and most of them aren't the best pics, but they're ok)

Katie (my sis :P)

Me (I look really weird in this pic. :P)



Maid of Honor, Charity

The two Sarah's :)

Jason and Lemuel (you can barely see Lem in this pic, but I don't have another one. :( he looked real sweet.)

Mr. Heyworth and The Bride!

And.... I'm sorry, but that's all the time I have tonight. I'll put more on tomorrow, if I have time. I know, I know... I stopped just when it was going to get good. haha :P More tomorrow!

God Bless!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Ryan and Rachel Wegner

Here are a couple pictures Ryan took of Ryan and Rachel on their wedding day. :) Thought you guys might enjoy them. :)